How will Brexit affect my Core Spreads Account? 

We understand that you might have some questions about the upcoming changes and want to find out what your options are. So, we've put together a video and compiled a list of questions below to help you make your choice:

As a result of the United Kingdom’s exit from the European Union, Core Spreads is no longer accepting new business from European customers, and we have taken a business decision that our existing European customers accounts will be closing. 

(Customers from outside of the EEA are unaffected by this change) 


What will happen to my account?

On 2nd July at 10p.m. GMT+1, your account(s) will be set to “closing only”. You will no longer be able to open new positions or add new orders

On 9th July after 10p.m. GMT+1, your account at Core Spreads will be closed. All open positions in your account will be closed at the last available price on the 9th July and any remaining funds will be returned to you


On 2nd July at 10p.m. GMT your account will be set to closing only, and you will no longer be able to open new positions or add new orders.  

If you take no action then on 9th July at 10pm GMT+1, any positions in your account will be closed at the last available price, and your funds returned to you. 


Do you want to keep trading? We can make it easy for you…

Core Spreads is rebranding as Trade Nation

Throughout 2021 we’re gradually bringing the whole Core Spreads family together under our new global brand: Trade Nation.

Register to transfer your account to Trade Nation Ltd now, and continue to enjoy:

* The same trading platform.
* The same low cost, fixed spreads.
* The same friendly customer service team.

Visit the Trade Nation website to see for yourself by clicking here


Register before 10pm GMT+1 on Friday 2nd July if you want to keep trading! 



Here is some important information you MUST read... 

Trade Nation Ltd is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas and operates with a higher leverage than Core Spreads who are regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority 

Increased leverage means you require less money to open and hold a position, but also means that both your risk and the chance of greater losses are increased. 

When you register to transfer, your funds and positions will be set to transfer with your account BUT any open positions will be closed and reopened without spread charge at the last available price on Friday 2nd July. 

You WILL realise any profit or loss on your positions.   


Here’s an example of that increased leverage based on Wall Street 30 Rolling Cash @ 30,000



Core Spreads

Trade Nation Ltd 

Wall Street 30 Rolling Cash 





Some important things to be aware of if you transfer: 

What will you get What will you lose
Increased leverage up to 200:1 Higher risk in trading with greater leverage
Access to the Trade Nation loyalty scheme FSCS protection not available
Continued negative balance protection  
Funds held at Barclays Bank plc in London  


Your Core Spreads account will close on 9th July.  

If you’d like to keep trading without the hassle of filling in forms or transferring funds, we’ve got you covered. All you need to do is register and we’ll move your account balance and open positions free of charge before your account closes. 


This all sounds great, but I’ve got some more questions….

That’s no problem. If you’ve forgotten your username, simply get in touch with our customer support team on Live Chat on the platform or on and we will be able to provide that for you.
Your money is held in segregated client accounts at Barclays Bank in London.
Trade Nation Ltd is regulated by the Securities Commission of the Bahamas.
The cash balance on your account will be moved over if you choose to open with Trade Nation. If you need to add funds at any point, the deposit process is exactly as before, and you will be able to deposit via card, bank transfer, and Skrill.
You can find the Trade Nation website by clicking here.
The platform is very similar to the one you’re used to with the same tight fixed spreads and choice of markets.
Both iPhone and android apps are now available to download.
At Trade Nation we have ‘Practice and Learn’ accounts to help you familiarise yourself with the platform, should you need to.
You’ll be automatically enrolled on our loyalty scheme and eligible for rebates on your trading activity. For more information click here 
Your Core Spreads account will close on the 2nd July.
All your trading history on your Core Spreads account is available for you on request.
You will need to fill in a Trade Nation request form for each of your accounts, so just visit our page here and complete the short checklist. 
Trade Nation offers both MT4 and spread trading accounts. Simply click here and fill in the Trade Nation account request form.  
Sure! The details of the changes to leverage, and associated minimum margin requirement percentages, are shown below:
Market Core Spreads Leverage/Margin Rate Trade Nation Leverage/Margin Rate
Major Indices 20:1          5.0% 200:1          0.5%
Major FX pairs 30:1          3.33% 200:1          0.5%
Individual Shares 5:1          20.0% 20:1          5.0%
Gold 20:1          5.0% 200:1          0.5%



Here’s an example:

Core Spreads margins:

You buy $1 Wall Street 30 Rolling Cash @ 30,250.

Our minimum margin requirement percentage on the Wall Street 30 is 5%. This is the same as leverage of 20:1

The margin is calculated as follows: $1 x 30,250 x 5/100

So, you would need to hold $1,512.50 in your account to open this position.

Trade Nation margins:

You buy $1 Wall Street 30 Rolling Cash @ 30,250.

Due to ASIC’s rule change, our minimum margin requirement on the Wall street 30 is now 0.5%, equivalent of leverage of 20:1

The margin is calculated as follows: $1 x 30,250 x 0.5/100

You now need to hold $151.25 in your account to open this position. The new deposit requirement is 10 times larger than before.

Core Spreads

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