Market Analysis

15 Jan

There has been high volatility up to the Commons Vote on Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which is due this evening. I expect the volatility to continue! Current figures highlight a very likely defeat with 70 members of her own Conversate party pledging to vote against her. Combined with opposition members, this would result in margin defeat of over 150, the heaviest defeat in over 90 years. ...Read More

15 Jan

The main event today will be the planned parliamentary vote on PM Theresa May’s Brexit deal in London. She made a speech yesterday in Stoke-on–Trent that once again outlined her reasons for her belief in bring the current deal to a vote. It is believed that the deal is unlikely to be passed today, which will force the Government to set out a plan of action within 3 working days. ...Read More

14 Jan

The week has begun with a move lower in markets after weaker Chinese trade data of 395B against 345B expected and 306B previously. Exports fell to 0.2% from 6.6% expected and 10.2% previously. Imports fell to -3.1% from 12.0% expected and 7.8% previously. Risk sentiment has soured due to the fall in demand especially for imports, which suggests a weaker domestic economy. ...Read More

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