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04 Feb

At its ‘low-point’ on 8th March 2009, the NASDAQ Composite dipped down to 1293. Confidence had been trashed, with most tech stocks, many of which had been hyped up at the time of the froth generated from the TNT rally at the turn of the century. ...Read More

03 Feb

Four of the best seats at the Royal Opera House at Covent Garden to see ‘La Boheme’ plus dinner there would cost £1200. By any standards that is not a working man’s price and is certainly out of sight for me! ...Read More

28 Jan

In 2008, when US Treasury Secretary Hank Paulson prevailed on the good nature of JP Morgan’s CEO Jamie Dimon to take Bear Stearns and its toxic balance sheet, riddled with sub-prime lending and CDO exposures, off the Street of Dreams. By agreeing to this success, he all but insured his impregnability as the Prince Regent of Wall Street, in perpetuity. ...Read More

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David Buik

With a career that spans more than 50 years, David Buik is an expert in his field. Starting at Philip Hill Higginson Erlangers, he has had starring roles at Money Market Agencies, City Index Group and BGC Partners. In 2016, he was appointed an MBE in the New Year Honours.

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