Trade Forex

The world’s most liquid market. Trade the 30 most popular currency pairs with Core Spreads.

FX trading allows traders to speculate on rises and falls in the strength of currencies. 

Forex is always quoted in pairs so the currency is traded versus another, for example, EUR/USD (Euro vs US Dollar)

Our tight spreads are fixed all day, every day with EUR/USD offered at just 0.6 tics wide.


Trade Shares

Every publicly traded company offer shares or 'stocks' which are available on the stock markets to be bought or sold by traders

At Core Spreads you can speculate on the rise or fall of these individual shares without actually purchasing the asset.

Speculate on the world's most traded shares including Apple, Google and Facebook.

Hundreds of companies, from the UK, US and across Europe, are available to trade in the Core Trader platform.


Trade Indices

Indices are a measurement of a performance of a group of shares.

The performance of the individual Shares moves the price of the Index

Trade on a wide range of global Indices.

The DAX, FTSE, and Dow Jones are all available on our market leading low spreads.

Our FTSE market can be traded with a spread of just 0.8 points on the CoreTrader platform


Trade Commodities

Commodities are raw materials that are used by humans to make the world go round.
There are three classes of commodities that can be traded, Energy, Metals and Agricultural Products

Speculate on the price movements of Gold, Silver and Oil with instant execution with Core Spreads

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.

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