The most widely traded and potentially volatile markets in the world. It’s impossible to turn on a news station or read an article and not be told about the rise or fall in one of the major currencies and how this will affect the world’s economies.

$9 trillion is often quoted by news agencies as the total that is traded in these markets every day. It’s a number that can be difficult to comprehend, so let’s focus on how the FX markets can be traded as a spread bet and why they attract 80% of the total volume of the spread betting industry.

Spread betting on currencies allows you to support or oppose one currency versus another. It’s about backing your view as to whether, for example, the Euro is incorrectly valued against the British Pound (GBP), or if the US Dollar (USD) is too high against the Japanese Yen (JPY). 

Core Spreads has over 30 currency pairs to bet on. These are all available on tight fixed spreads on our CoreTrader platform that don’t widen when volatility increases and are tradeable from just 50 pence per point move. This gives you the opportunity to take a position on many of the markets that will be making the daily headlines across the world.

Name Bid Offer Spread*
EUR-USD Spot 1.11856 1.11863 0.7pts
USD-JPY Spot 111.342 111.349 0.7pts
EUR-GBP Spot 0.87079 0.87087 0.8pts
AUD-USD Spot 0.74372 0.7438 0.8pts
GBP-USD Spot 1.28447 1.28456 0.9pts
USD-ZAR Spot 12.9343 12.9443 10pts
USD-CHF Spot 0.97342 0.97356 1.4pts
EUR-ZAR Spot 14.4666 14.4816 15pts
EUR-JPY Spot 124.544 124.554 1pt
GBP-ZAR Spot 16.609 16.629 20pts
NZD-USD Spot 0.7075 0.7077 2pts
CHF-JPY Spot 114.367 114.387 2pts
EUR-AUD Spot 1.50392 1.50412 2pts
USD-CAD Spot 1.3449 1.345 2pts
EUR-CAD Spot 1.50437 1.50457 2pts
AUD-JPY Spot 82.802 82.822 2pts
EUR-CHF Spot 1.08885 1.08905 2pts
AUD-CAD Spot 1.00016 1.00046 3pts
AUD-CHF Spot 0.72388 0.72418 3pts
GBP-CHF Spot 1.25032 1.25062 3pts
CAD-JPY Spot 82.773 82.803 3pts
GBP-JPY Spot 143.008 143.038 3pts
NZD-JPY Spot 78.771 78.801 3pts
GBP-AUD Spot 1.72695 1.72725 4pts
AUD-NZD Spot 1.05092 1.05132 4pts
EUR-NZD Spot 1.58066 1.58106 4pts
CAD-CHF Spot 0.72361 0.72401 4pts
GBP-CAD Spot 1.72741 1.72781 4pts
GBP-NZD Spot 1.81502 1.81562 6pts
Prices are subject to our website terms and conditions. Prices shown are only available on the CoreTrader platform and are delayed by 15 minutes and indicative. For all equities, we add a fixed % spread to the underlying market and spreads shown above are per leg. *(In hours)

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.