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Trading the volatile and fast moving Germany 30 index gives you exposure to the Dax. It is made up of 30 of Germany’s top public companies weighted by market capitalisation as listed on the Frankfurt Stock Exchange. The Germany 30 Index includes well known companies like Deutsche Bank, BMW and Allianz.

Spread Bet Germany 30 Details:

Dealing hours Sunday 22:00 to Friday 21:00
Exchange hours 24 Hours (trading breaks 21:15-21:30 & 22:15-23:00)
Out-of-hours spread 2 & 6
Bets per 1
Minimum quantity 0.5
GTD charge 3pts
GTD minimum distance 1.00%
Bet type Daily funded bet

Details are indicative and are subject to change, clients should confirm spread
bet details in our platform before trading.

DAX Facts:

1. DAX stands for Deutscher Aktienindex.

2. The DAX is the third most popular underlying in the world, with 91 million traded contracts in 2012.

3. The DAX has a reputation for volatility, particularly in recent years during the Eurozone crisis and the current slowdown in the Chinese economy.

4. Unlike the FTSE 100, S&P 500 and the CAC 40, the DAX uses dividends to rank its components.

5. Closely mirroring the German economy, the DAX’s key sectors are Industrials, Pharma, Chemicals, Automobiles and Parts and Healthcare.

6. The index is re-calculated every 1 second by the Xetra system.

7. The 30 constituents of the DAX 30 represent around 80% of total market capitalisation listed in Germany.

8. Of the original 30 constituents in 1988, only 15 are still part of the index. 3 of those 30 eventually went bankrupt.

9. The DAX’s best years have been 1993 with a total gain of 46.71% and in 1997, when the index added 47.11% to its total value.

10. And the years with the largest total losses were 2002 at 43.94% and 2008 with 40.37%.

11. 90% of turnover in the German market goes through the Frankfurt Stock Exchange along with a large proportion of the European market.

12. In 2012, daily trading volume of the DAX 30 was around €3m.

Ups and Downs of the Dax:

• December 30th 1987: The base date of the DAX with a starting level of 1,000 points.

• July 1st 1988: The DAX is launched with a level of 1,163 points.

• August 29th 1988: Lowest closing level on record as the DAX ends the day at 1152.38 points.

• April 10th 2015: The DAX reaches its highest ever closing level at 12,374.73 points.

Spread bet the Germany 30 with Core Spreads

Trading the Germany 30 with Core Spreads mirrors the fluctuations of the DAX index. Spread betting allows you to profit, or incur losses, whichever way the markets move at a spread of 1 point, without ever owning the underlying asset.

Placing a spread bet on the Germany 30 is as straightforward as our charges. For instance, you place a £10 a point buy trade at a bid-offer spread of 9531.0 – 9532.0 and the market rises by 20 points to a bid-offer spread of 9551.0 – 9552.0. At this point you decide to close your trade at 9551.0 points, giving you a profit of £190 (9532.0 – 9551.0 = 19 points and 19 x £10).

Conversely, the market falls 20 points and you decide to close your trade at a bid-offer spread of 9511.0 – 9512.0, incurring a loss of £210 (9532.0 – 9511.0 = 21 points and 21 x £10).

You can spread bet the Germany 30 and thousands of other instruments by signing up for an account here.


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