Corespreads: 0.80 Others: 1.00
  • Annual Saving
Corespreads: 0.90 Others: 1.42
  • Annual Saving
Corespreads: 0.70 Others: 0.98
  • Annual Saving

We've averaged the published spreads of the 5 largest UK spread bet providers* for three key markets. We've then worked out how much you would save on spread over a year with us if you bet £10 a point three times a day.

Tight spreads matter. There is one hard, unarguable fact in trading: the smaller the difference between the bid-offer spread, all other things being equal, the lower a trader’s transaction costs.

Trading is a series of zero sum transactions between you and the markets. The more a provider charges in transaction costs (spread, financing, commission etc) the bigger your edge needs to be to turn a profit. That said, when providers charge wider spreads it might be for a good reason, they might be providing a clever tool or some unique information that a trader then uses to get their edge.

At Core Spreads we question the industry’s traditional business model of bundling all these tools and then charging a wider, uniform spread to clients. If you don’t use it why should you pay for it? This is why we concentrate on offering tight spreads without lots of the add-ons all bundled up and provided for ‘free’.

To show you how expensive it can get trading at wider spreads we did some analysis on three popular markets.

MARKET   Core Spreads
fixed spreads
typical spreads
City Index
min spreads
min spreads
min spreads
Capital Spreads
fixed spreads
UK100 0.80 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00 1.00
EUR/USD 0.70 1.50 1.00 0.70 0.70 1.00 0.98
EUR/USD 0.70 1.50 1.00 0.70 0.70 1.00 0.98
GBP/USD 0.90 2.00 1.50 0.90 0.90 1.80 1.42

Sources: As displayed in the Market Information sections of,,, and on 09/09/2015. Note: All spreads displayed are assuming a trader is trading at 3pm GMT on a normal trading day. Spreads displayed are subject to rounding and can change without notice.

*Investment Trends 2013 Leveraged Trading Report

Savings shown are for total spread only and do not take into account any other charges such as overnight financing or card charges. Assumes 251 trading days in a year and 3 round trips of £10 each trading day. Calculations are as follows: 1UK100: 3 times a day x £10 a point x 0.2 point difference in spread x 251 trading days = £1,506 saving.2EUR-USD: 3 times a day x £10 a point x 0.28 point difference in spread x 251 trading days = £2,108 saving. 3GBP-USD: 3 times a day x £10 a point x 0.52 point difference in spread x 251 trading days = £3,916 saving.

Core Spreads

Core Spreads is financial trading as it should be. No noise – just tight spreads on thousands of markets.

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